Why We Need To Take 20-Somethings Seriously

They’ve been called the Twixters, Choisters, pre-adults, adultescents, the stuck generation and the lost generation, playing out an extended adolescence or an emerging adulthood or their odyssey years. They are the 20-somethings that graduated into one of the worst economies in decades, saddled with some of the highest debt burdens. According to a new report, half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, scraping by with low-wage service jobs. Those who are working earn less than their 1970s counterparts, when adjusted for inflation.

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Five Inspired Ideas Emerging From TED2013

clinical psychologist Meg Jay will get a ton of views once this Ted talk goes live. Her message to young professionals is simple: Don’t waste your 20s. Without a doubt, one’s 20s is “the most defining decade of adulthood,” a time when the brain is growing and the course of future work, income, relationships and happiness are set.

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